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gwicon100's Journal

Gundam Wing Icons x 100
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All Members , Moderated
This community is for those who like Gundam Wing, and/or Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz and making icons. You have preferably 10 weeks to complete 100 icons! That's ONLY 10 icons a week!

How To Do this
You pick a subject to do the icons of.

You post it in the claiming list. If it's taken you have to add your name to the waiting list.

When I accept your topic, you get to start posting icons!

Good News
You don't need to do all 100 at once.

Bad News
50% of your icons have to match a "theme"

Good News
When you're done, you just post to the Gundanium Hall Of Fame, and i'll make you a great banner that you can post and brag about!

Bad News
You don't get to use your older icons, You have to make new ones!

Good News
You can choose any subject to do these on. Any character, or mobile suit or a particular episode, or the movie.

Bad News
You can't have the same subject as someone else at the same time. Once they finish with it, you can have it.

Good News
You can have two subjects at once.

Good News
You must have your subject in the icon. He/She/It must be the main target.

Good News
You don't need to post all at once

Bad News
You have to LJ-Cut your icons if you post more than 3 at a time.

01. alone
02. battle
03. beautiful
04. beige
05. believe
06. betrayed
07. black
08. blue
09. broken
10. choices
11. colour
12. Computer
13. confusion
14. danger
15. desire
16. (Self-)Destruction
17. Determination
18. Failure
19. family
20. friend
21. Fun
22. green
23. grief
24. happiness
25. hate
26. honour
27. hope
28. joy
29. kiss
30. laughter
31. lost
32. love
33. Music
34. need
35. orange
36. pain
37. playful
38. purple
39. red
40. regret
41. remember
42. sadness
43. sorrow
44. tears
45. trouble
46. trust
47. truth
48. weird
49. white
50. yellow

Posting rules

When you post, have this as your header:

Subject: (Your subject's name here)
Batch: (batch number)
Theme: (themes done in this batch)
Numbers: (what ones were done in this batch)
Extra: (If you have any specific rules regarding your creations)

That's about it. Please spread the word! and start posting!

Extra Info

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Gundanium Hall Of Fame

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